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IHI has been contributing to growth of industry and economy through supplying tens of thousands of high-quality, reliable equipment and systems since the beginning of IHI's long history as a crane manufacturer dates back to more than 100 years ago. Since its first delivery of hand-operated crane in 1897, IHI has always held its reputation as a leading manufacturer of various types of materials handling equipment for bulk, container and etc. for clients in various fields.
Ship Loading : Ship Loaders
Ship Loaders
16,000t/h Ore Shiploader
For Companhia Vale do Rio Doce,
Radius: 133.0m
Span: 60.0m
Speed: Boom derricking 3.5m/min
Boom shuttling 15.0m/min
Conveyor 220.0m/min
Slewing 9.0m/min