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Since our founding in 1973, IHI Transport Machinery has developed our business in the sectors of Parking Systems and Materials Handling System and, with our status as a comprehensive manufacturer of transport machinery in the IHI Group, we have maintained our position in both of these business sectors with the largest share of manufacturing and sales. Our numerous products are put to use in many different kinds of businesses in urban living spaces and industrial production and storage sites, as well as energy and social infrastructure both in Japan and overseas. The after-care service we offer for our products is second to none in the industry and receives great acclaim from our customers.

In these uncertain economic times, both domestically and globally, we have considered what we want to become in the future as the core company in the Industrial Systems and General- Purpose Machinery field of the IHI Group; and, we are carrying out an action plan based on this vision of the future.

One of our main efforts is directed toward the strengthening of business operations that anticipate the entire life-cycle to create new products and services that are in line with the advancement of ICT/IoT and the evolution of society, as well as enhanced support for preventive maintenance using remote monitoring and AI technology.

We also aim to establish production base and expand business overseas, specifically targeting the Southeast Asian market, and create new business, such as solutions that include peripheral systems for products.

IHI Transport Machinery creates the largest mobile machinery within the IHI Group. We will continue to uphold our creative and innovative corporate culture, cherishing our manufacturing technology, pursuing our vision and trying new things, so that we can contribute more to society and industry with even more sound and reliable products and services.